Free Lance-Star: Want to catch a game and have a meal? Home Team Grill might be just the spot


I’m pretty sure Home Team Grill in Eagle Village would appeal to 100 percent of the men I know.

There are at least 12 TVs, not counting the ones in the bathroom that enable you to miss not a single play.

The food’s good, and the service was friendly.

Bottom line: It’s a great place to watch a game, or just to visit.

My family went there after church one Sunday. There are five of us. A lot of restaurants stick us at a four-top table with a chair pulled up to the end, resulting in a crowded table.

I really appreciate restaurants like Home Team Grill that are roomy and can easily accommodate larger parties.

First, we had the World Famous Wingies ($8.99) because, as my husband said, “You can’t go to a sports bar without trying the wings.”

The neat thing was you could pick different flavors of wings to make up your 10 wings. We got half original and half hot.

Daughter Celia pronounced both too spicy. In the realm of wings, my husband described them as “extremely adequate with average sauce.”

However, no wings were left in the end.

Home Team Grill offers a wide range of sandwiches and burgers. My son chose the .406 Club ($8.99), a traditional club sandwich with ham, turkey and bacon.

It was a generous sandwich with homemade potato chips. He loved the sandwich (especially the meat) but thought the chips could use more seasoning.

The 19th Hole Griller ($7.99) was the sandwich for my husband. It consists of ham, turkey, cheddar and coleslaw on sourdough bread served with chips.

Again, it was a large sandwich and Billy pronounced it “very good.”

Maggie picked the Original Burger Slider ($7.69), which came with a whopping four sliders–but no fries. The burgers were thick and served with Thousand Island dressing on a hefty tasty bun.

The flavors really worked, and the burgers had a nice grilled flavor.

From the kid’s menu, Celia ordered chicken tenders ($4.79). She has an adult’s taste buds and did not much care for the bland tenders, preferring everyone else’s food.

Still, I’m sure most children would like the texture and flavor of these.

I wanted something a little healthier, and the Asian wrap ($8.49) fit the bill perfectly. It was a mix of grilled chicken, greens, shredded carrots, crispy noodles and peanut sauce.

I loved the crispness of the vegetables mixed with the crunch of the noodles, and there was just enough of the delicious sauce.

Mine came with the chips and I, too, thought they could use a little more seasoning.

For dessert, we shared the chocolate caramel pecan torte ($4.99) and the brownie sundae ($4.49), which came with ice cream.

This is where we made a mistake: Whatever you do, don’t share the torte! It was bursting with chocolate flavor and had wonderful crunchy brown sugar and caramel on top.

The Brownie Sundae was pretty run-of-the-mill, but my kids finished every bit of it nonetheless.

I like that the Home Team Grill is in a less-crowded area of Fredericksburg. The staff was very solicitous, and I was glad to see many are Mary Washington students.

To hang out with friends or go for a quick bite to eat, you won’t strike out at Home Team Grill.